The Broken Cyborg, A Biopunk Fairytale (Fp2)

by Paul Shapera

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Mladen How I love this little story. It's so sweet, and nice, and awful, and I love every moment of it.

My first ever listening party, and one of my favorite memories. Favorite track: Bio9 仙子之歌.
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RainbowlightCheese What a wonderfully wild album. It's so epic fortnite. The fairies are insane & i live that. Favorite track: Bio9 仙子之歌.
Belladonna Robin
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Belladonna Robin This is one of Paul's best works imo, every track is a blast to listen to and I've listened to it at least a dozen times by now, almost certainly more. The world created in Bio1 is inspiring, but I particularly love the revamped Blood Red Dogs in Bio6. Congrats Paul, you knocked it out of the park again. Favorite track: Bio6 突袭.
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Bio0 矮人 01:30
Dwarves: Hey wa no Down here burning while the wheel is always turning and a Hey wa no Down here turning while the worlds always burning and a Hey wa no Newscaster: ... when informed of the news of the loss of Mars shuttle. Despite succesful attempts to launch other manned flights into space, the Mars shuttle disaster is a massive setback for the Sohanguk space program, long considered the most advanced in the world. Attacks have begun by the city state of Cascadia against the fairy city of Avalon, mere days after Cascadia declared war on the controversial city. We have a special report coming up in just a few minutes. In more disturbing news, a new study shows anti fairy violence is steeply on the rise across the continent, despite fewer and fewer public appearances by the troubled species. Experts warn that even New Albion, a long time oasis of tolerance, is now increasingly hostile and the few Fae residents remaining are urged to take extra precautions.
Han Mi: Once upon a time, there was a shanty town in the center of a large park in the city of New Albion. Although it had started with a small group of back to nature enthusiasts, it was eventually joined by runaways and disenfranchised young punks, until eventually it evolved into a various mix of neo futurist hippies, crunchy cyberpunks and transfuturist modification junkies. Whatever digital body enhancements that existed under a certain legal radar could be acquired here, and thus amongst the colorful, close knit collection of societal strays were those with the most radical body modifications. Over time this odd collection had evolved into not just their own neighborhood, but culture and community. Shanty Town Residents: We’ve got bio cyber futurist transmutation robo-tech We’ve got gadget doodad knickknacks some folks stick into their heads Altercations artificial and organic you can buy And cybertechs both punk and hippy who’ll jerry rig it for a price We’ve got biotech enhancements, we’ve got chips inside the brain, we’ve got tattoo art and body parts with feline dna We’ve girls with cyber eyeballs seeing spectrums you can’t dream If it’s the edge of biohacking then it’s here that you might seek We’ve got shacks whose walls are motherboards, inside a VR world Out resident biopunk grows tails onto paying college girls We’ve got hippies growing veggies and punks with half a robot face There’s a lot of folks with lots of limbs that all have been replaced We’ve got body parts that plug in, liquid flesh both old and new cyber eyes that let you see the world as an anime cartoon We’ve got our own biopunk genius, a dropout so they say Who makes all our toys here possible and they're just getting underway We’ve got lights that light the park at night but the only way You can see them is with an implant and those we rarely give away Except to all the prostitutes who roam the park here every night And for free we gave them tasers in their knuckles for a fight If you want a pair of ears that look just a like an ocelot That can hear leylines and astral winds and ghosts that roam the park Or the sound of creatures cats stare at when looking at the wall We can help you here, find all the things you wish you didn’t know We’ve 2 sentient holograms on the run here from the law For a string of robberies years ago they pulled when they were young We’ve got Robodog and Luna with just a little fairy blood She can turn your dreams to nightmares if you really piss her off We’ve got cyber goths and Emo techs and rivetheads who will role play Afro future anarchopunks who take furries out to raves New romantic beatnik otherkin with neofolkish tastes And the queerness here intensifies each and every day
Han Mi: Xander Cael had gone to school for applied biology, but their unendorsed experiments in DNA splicing, hyper cell mutation, and flesh enhancement, when discovered, earned them immediate expulsion. Over their time at the college, however, they had secretly pilfered a range of lab equipment which they packed up along with the money they’d made giving the richer kids things like tails and organic breast and genital enlargements. A few years later you could find odd rumors floating around that for those interested in cutting edge cyber modification and trans human enhancements, there was a real life mad scientist working in the park. Xander: You try, you try, you try the best you can, You try until you die You try the best you can You try, you try, you try the best you can, You try until you die You try the best you can The shopogopolis where my mom grew up with her sister they despised A life ofquiet desperation that they longed to leave behind So one day when two boys showed up and spoke of space and souls They followed them and that’s how they wound up inside a cult The cult said angels coming soon to carry off the pure Renounce all sex my children, out in space there’s bliss for sure Leave your body on the floor … Procreation was with hoods and my aunt to a boy gave birth Named henry but years later he’d run off back into the world My mom had twins, macayla and me, but macayla soon grew sick “Impurity” the cult screamed and forbid al treament I begged my mom, we too must flee to save my sisters life And so we left all the we had known one dark and fearful night Leave your lives there on the floor … My mom unskilled she got a job in the shopogopolis she once fled Doctors studied close my sister and then sadly shook their heads A disease progressed so fast that my poor sister was locked in To her body, she would never move or talk ever again I swore an oath to save her but i knew i never would I swore i’m tame biology by mind or hand or sword Leave your body on the floor … My experiments in college went too far or so i’ve heard Degenerate lost genius they said as they kicked me to the curb My sister i would visit, but her mind it slowly bent A sad, insane, flesh statue is all that’s left there of my twin Here in the park my experiments continue with success I’ll crack the code to redesign, reform, rebuild the flesh One day when angels fly in space to save all that they find Those angels they will be us in bodies redesigned For something more We’ll leave our bodies on the floor You try, you try, you try the best you can, You try until you die You try the best you can You try, you try, you try the best you can, You try until you die You try the best you can
Han Mi: Thus one day a woman named Rebecca and a small, strange metallic rodent, a little meme, came and asked Xander if they could make them a child; a child made from the meme’s bioessence and Rebecca’s DNA, spliced together and placed in a robotic, flesh hybrid. Xander was thrilled to accept the challenge and pushed all other work aside for the next year. The wives moved to the shanty town and it was there that their daughter Jane, the little cyborg, was created. The Little Cyborg grew up in the park and looked like a radically cyber enhanced human girl. She had originally been built with male attributes, but several weeks after becoming conscious, she informed her mothers that she was in fact a girl, and so Xander made the necessary adjustments. She bondly deeply with Xander, and spent most of her time helping them with their projects and surgeries, acting as eager assistant and trying to learn everything about the craft of bio manipulation that Xander was willing to teach. One day, a skinny junkie came asking for a simple bio enhancement job when Xander was absent. The little cyborg knew she shouldn’t, but accepted the job and performed it quite admirably. The junky paid her with a pouch of sand. Upon seeing the sand, Xander insisted the girl get rid of it, but she secretly kept it as a momento. Jane: There’s a corner full of clutter, piles of burets and of notes In the back of Zander’s tent and it’s the place I love the most I like places with small spaces, I can read or watch them work Solving puzzles of the body in our own sweet little world And they let me help and teach me, we work straight into the night In a world of wondrous science, full of puzzles and delight And some times as we’re working, beads of sweat dripping like mad They turn and smile at me and I love them like a dad Here in my own little world Here in my own little world On the bed between my mothers, when the hours have gone low In womb I never knew and it’s the place I love the most And all the freaks around me, all the gorgeous cyber girls Like my own sweet crazy family in our own sweet little world And I love it all so dearly, and I fear to ever leave And I’m scared of this big city that surrounds Zander and me I’m scared of what lays out there, out beyond our precious pearl And I’m scared that they will come and destroy our little world Here in my own little world Here in my own little world One day when I was angry, screaming at my moms in rage And I ran off in a tantrum swearing I would run away I thought just once I’d leave the park, show that I could be brave That I didn’t need nobody, that the world I could tame And I stood there at the edge staring at the city cliffs Looming, towering above me and I clenched my little fists And after some odd minutes I just sat there and I cried Then I turned around defeated and I went back with a sigh Here in my own little world Here in my own little world Han Mi: Over time the shanty town became a bit more closely guarded for its own protection. There was a palpable feeling in the air that this couldn't continue for much longer. Sooner or later the authorities were going to come crashing down. Everyone knew it. Everyone was right.
Bio4 市长 04:11
Mayor: It’s somewhere past midnight, my office the sole light The weight of the city is perched on my back Disputes and decisions, the mad circus deafens And troubles in piles crash down on my lap It’s 3 am and once again the lonely nightime never ends Like pills i chew all day, my ulcer kept at bay This city exists one step from the abyss And some days I’m all that can keep it still sane My son the school says is disturbed in his head As if i can take one more straw on my back My marriage is empty, my family resents me No friends just agendas all perched to attack His nanny cares for all his needs he loves her now far more than me He asks for her when it’s just us all alone You forfeit your pleasures to keep this city together I tell myself he’ll understand when he’s grown What few people know is there’s dwarves down below Far under the city where membranes dissolve They live down there still, work their damn hamlets mill The wheel round which eras and epochs revolve And It’s very rare the few times when they somehow decide they will send Some strange baffling warning way up to our stead The last time they did, that mccailister bitch Unleashed her plague of dolls voodoo and dead And now here they warn, the aeon is turned And cycles repeat and some dire change comes The Merlin’s appeared, in the park it is clear His Arthur, his Edgar will soon be along The task it falls falls on my back to keep this city safe, intact The hard job that cost me my family and son He’ll never know this, that I do it for him The time for the difficult choices has come Spoken: Operation eradication is a go. Unleash the dogs.
Han Mi: The more Xander worked and studied the more they despaired that their dream of wildly sculptable flesh and body shapes might not be possible. Upset and obsessing, they would sometimes go on long evening walks, leaving Jane to happily mind the lab for a few hours. Jane: I dream that one day Xander will just turn to me and say As i’ve done something that’s remarkable and fine They’ll say then “Jane i love you and im proud of you and nothing You could ever do will make me change my mind” ….. One night she wandered in, this pretty college girl looking for a tale but xander cale was out I thought that i would show how useful i was so i said “don’t go, sit down, i can help you out” Id been studying and practicing and learning and was Desperate to impress, to give my best and eager try And so the girl she sat, i told her just relax and that In fact I’d help her grow a tale that very night I thought i knew just what do and was not confused But that wasnt true cause it went wrong real fast She grew a tail i guess also two more out each breast And out her hips her forehead and her back She screamed and so i gave her seditives which made her dazed And seem real drunk while i tried frantically To fix the problem then but i just screwed it up again And giant hair grew covering all of her you see Stumbling round a shambling mound, hair to the ground with six tails Sticking out and howling like a fiend Then Xander walked inside, and i wished that i could have died And they just stood there as the poor girl screamed Then they sighed and they worked right on late into the night And fixed it all and i just sat and cried and cried And they said “jane, i love you and im proud of you And nothing you could ever do will make me change my mind” Xander: Jane, i love you and im proud of you And nothing you could ever do will make me change my mind Wait... there's something out there
Bio6 突袭 05:22
Brd: Lock and load let it go the loathesome sideshow is coming down up on the town blaster in your hand it's a bedlam jam we'll be kicking it up all around Fire in the hole, it's a breezy stroll we'll have tea in hell today when the blood red dogs come and do a job and send you on your way Basheq Latef: We’re the party you should pray you never find yourself at When we show up even lucifer pisses his pants We eat havoc for breakfast, mayhem for lunch We Wash down our dinner with a bucket of blood When you hear that we’re bringing our sweet party to town Say a prayer for your knickers cause theyre gonna be brown Bringing people to their maker you could say is our gift We’ve met great Cthulhu and we made them our bitch Brd: Lock and load let it go the loathesome sideshow is coming down up on the town blaster in your hand it's a bedlam jam we'll be kicking it up all around Fire in the hole, it's a breezy stroll we'll have tea in hell today when the blood red dogs come and do a job and send you on your way Han Mi: They descended one night in force, the blood red dogs sweeping in with bullets and bombs. Jane watched as her mother, Rebecca, was shot, mowed down along with everyone else sitting in her circle. Her mother, the Little Meme, was small and thus escaped damage. The Meme’s wife was badly injured but still alive, so she begged Xander to take the girl and run, while she stayed and desperately tried to keep Rebecca alive. Basheq Latef: Your orders say dogs take this whole park down Everyone you find in here you take them all out they’ve cooked up a plague and our city is doomed Unless someone steps up and that someone is you Theres a kid who’s name zander who invented this plague We’re gonna need to confrim he’s taken two to the head All these other scum lets show them the love The sweet sweet kiss of our sweet sweet guns Brd: Lock and load let it go the loathesome sideshow is coming down up on the town blaster in your hand it's a bedlam jam we'll be kicking it up all around Fire in the hole, it's a breezy stroll we'll have tea in hell today when the blood red dogs come and do a job and send you on your way Han Mi: Xander and Jane took off, running through the war zone that used to be their home. Unfortunately they were spotted by a soldier. The girl’s obvious cyborg enhancements marked her as a target and the soldier sent a hail bullets into the little cyborg, shattering her legs and left arm. The girl lay gasping on the ground when Xander picked her up, tucked her under their arm and ran desperately to the outskirts of the burning shanty town.
Xander: im sorry that i failed you one more time im sorry that it broke down in a blaze of pain and fire and when in that one moment you needed that last line im sorry that i failed you one more time Han: Nearby in the park was a covered hole leading underground. It had existed long, long before the shanty town, and the park’s denizens knew to go to it in just such a situation. They had just opened it when Xander arrived, and they all threw themselves into the hole, down into the darkness. Jane: One day you will wake not knowing what is coming not knowing how the day will end that day When it's done, ruin comes and loss it will surround you there'll be tears in the dark and all you fear will hound you and you'll cry away you'll cry, you'll cry today Lloyd: I wouldn’t go that way if I were you. That way leads to dwarves and a wheel and I doubt you want to mess about with them. I once lived in these tunnels for some years and if you’re open to advice, if you go down that way you’ll arrive at a dark stone gate. Past that..... Well, I’ll admit, the faerie realms are not for everybody but you seem to be functioning under limited options. That pouch of sand the girl is carrying, you’ll need that when you reach the gate. All of you will need to ingest a small amount, but once you do, you’ll be able to cross through. I sincerely wish you good luck and I’m sorry things have to go the way they will. Han Mi: The refugees staggered through the tunnels, soldiers behind them. As they neared the stone gate, Jane, the broken cyborg, finally passed out. The remains of her human limbs were mangled and drenched in blood and she could take no more. Xander: im sorry then i failed you one more time all the things i love the most, i cannot keep alive and just to see you kept from hurt id rather id have died im sorry then i failed you one more time Han Mi: And so, 30 ragged and desperate refugees passed through the dark stone gate, into the faerie realm.
Han Mi: The battered group of refugees staggered to the other side of the gate, where a different world awaited them. They soon encountered an otherworldly forest, full of glamours and strange colors. They followed the sounds of drums until finally, some hours later, they reached a settlement where an Albino tribe greeted them and granted them audience with their red haired queen. Lillith, The Albino Queen: Elysium is not the end my children There are places still above it you must know And in these far away ultra dimensions There were two gods in love once long ago To show her depth of love unto to her lover To pick a living jewel the goddess pledged That glowed with such exquisite bliss and wonder But which sat above a well that downward led ... Alas, in her attempt the goddess stumbled And she and the fair jewel they both fell down That well went through realms and through dimensions And she shattered when she hit our world’s ground The pieces of this goddess still they linger They are the souls of our albino tribe And bit by bit we all then will reform her Once all of us have been born and have died ... Our tribe it will survive millennium til The goddess once again has been made whole But still we must then make our way back upward And for that the goddess she will need that jewel It falls on us to build our sacred tunnels Through all the far wide cosmos if we must The wheel has turned the era is upon us The time to seek the well and jewel has come ... Our task can only be achieved through magic And thus technology we all must shun Lest our ways and powers be forgotten And the fate that we all strive towards be undone One day then our tribe reforms the goddess And back up to our true land we will go To join our love who even now waits for us And weeps in bitter grief and loss and woe . Han Mi: The tribe tended to Jane’s wounds as best they could, but could not revive her. They gave the refugees 3 days to rest, after which they sadly insisted they could not stay and must travel onward. Xander wept as they walked on, carrying Jane day and night and refusing to let anyone else share their burden.
Han Mi: Some time later the wandering refugees came within sight of the fairy city of Victoria. *Whole bunch of fairy shenanigans* Faeries: Far, far in the past, a god mournful and sad Came to this world from a far place, alas. so hard he tried to find his fallen bride But he knew not where in history she lies He searched far and wide but hadn't much time For if he stayed too long and he’d break and he’d die He’d shatter and roll like ice in the cold And he’d dissolve back into thousands of souls . Far, far in the past, a creature was sad Her mate he was dead and sweet unborn lass Was certain to die, and so there she cried Until this wandering god there passed on by In mercy he gave, some of his flame And mother and sweet unborn baby he saved this baby now had the magic he’d passed And faeries and humans split in separate paths . Our prophets have warned, when that wheel it turns Drought into Faerieland comes and it burns The humans will rise, the dark in their eyes Upon our race they will wish us to die But, they say there's a tribe, with which we align And it is with them that our future will lie And here you arrive, come stay for a time And let us see what kind of fate hereby lies
Han Mi: Jane woke up a long time later in the strange faerie city of Victoria, where a sheen of sparkle and unreality permeated everything. The human population seemed to float about listlessly, at any moment only a step away from senselessness. Jane was in perfect health and even had a pair of wings. She set out to find Xander. Xander had arrived at Victoria and immediately set about trying to heal the girl. Desperate for new insights and techniques they consulted the faeries and began studying fae magic in hopes it would provide them with new insights. It did. They approached fae magic like learning a new programming language. But in order to master the language you must master the logic, and the logic was not meant for the human mind. The more they understood, the more they had to twist their sanity. It drove them incurably mad. Furthermore, in order to give the girl new flesh without waiting the long time it would take to grow it, they had get it from somewhere. So they took it from themselves. Xander was now a laughing, insane torso, devoid of legs and all but their right arm. Xander: best you can best you can And i swore that i would save her but i knew i never would I cannot hold the patterns of the things i’ve understood Your mind is what you sacrifice to peer behind the cracks Too much to grasp but you must, you must, you must bring her back And you must, this once, save the girl that's crying All your strife, your whole life is wasted if she’s dying And you cry away And you cry lord you cry today You try and try you try the best you can you try until you die You try the best you can You try and try you try the best you can you try until you die best you can Jane: im sorry that i failed you one more time im sorry that you broke down in a blaze of pain and fire just to see you free from harm id rather id have died im sorry that i failed you one more time im sorry then i failed you one more time of all the things i loved you most, the sun within my life and when in that one moment you needed that last line im sorry then i failed you one more time im sorry that i failed you one more time im sorry that you broke down in a blaze of pain and fire just to see you free from harm id rather id have died im sorry that i failed you one more time
Bio11 回归 08:38
Han Mi: Although now beyond help, Xander had written down this new bio-science in carefully explained chapters with a word of caution to never study beyond chapter 7. The notebook solved the riddle of extreme flesh and body manipulation and after careful study, Jane could now alter human form in ways previously unimaginable. The refugees meanwhile, were increasingly disturbed by the effects staying in the fairy realm were having upon them and were worried for their long term sanity. After careful deliberation they decided to head back to New Albion, but first, each was bio-altered according to their wishes, creating a fantastical, mutated army dedicated to retaking and claiming the park. Jane: Home, i wish i was home again Somewhere i could lay my head on down Home, i wish i was home again Somewhere safe, to set my burdens down Shanty Town Residents: We’ve got flesh that's been remodeled Bodies you will not believe We’ve got claws and wings all kinds of things grotesque and odd and sweet We’ve got bones in shapes unheard of Tech that you could never hack And someone’s been sleeping in our bed And we’ve come to take it back *Whole bunch of mayhem* Han Mi: A group of soldiers surrounded Jane. She knelt down on one knee, hand touching the ground. She looked up at them. And smiled. *Mayhem times heccery* Jane: Home, i wish i was home again Somewhere i could lay my head on down Home, i wish i was home again Somewhere safe, to set my burdens down You cannot have it you cannot take our home you cannot have it you go one day alone You cannot have it you cannot take our home you cannot have it you go one day alone Shanty Town Residents: We are flesh that is the future we are hybrid and tech and bone This park is sovereign country and its borders they are closed We are made of flesh and magic and a little part machine We will paint right here a new land such as you have never seen We are bio evolution we are science gone insane We are things you couldn't dream of nor the gods to which you pray We’re the next step of the species, we’re the future being born And this border you don't cross unless your children want to join ... Han Mi: Thus, did the victorious refugees form the independent colony of Xandoria within the borders of the central New Albion park, led by their warrior cyborg princess, Jane.


released March 8, 2019

Featuring Liel Bar-Z as Jane

Psyche Corporation as Han Mi

Vivian Moonic as The Mayor

with special guest Lauren Osborn

Flute on Bio7 出埃及记 by Adrienne "AeB" Byrne

Background Vocals on Bio8 白化病患者 by Chance Martin

Cover by Shibara


all rights reserved



Paul Shapera Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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