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Cthulhu: The Funksical

by Mocha Lab

6. Cthulhu 03:32
8. Solomon 03:24
I was looking to be lost in the swamp lands, running from a wall of grieving even an ocean of Seagrams couldn’t relieve me of. Her ashes in an urn in the passenger’s seat, I’d driven down south a long way to meet some collectors of dolls, marionettes of white bone. They said, “bring us her ashes and come down alone. Down south to the bayou, past the backwater bends, and dance with your beautiful girl once again. So i went And sure enough out there in the swamp lands that night there’s sounds of strange chanting, wisps of blue light, ghosts on the water, ballerinas, pirouettes, these rotten decayed marionettes of peeled flesh and bone with no strings like torn up rag dolls. Dancing in circles, the devil’s grand waltz. Well, I stayed and I learned many things over time, ‘bout people, and dyin’, and preserving half-life See, consciousness bonded to matter and salts Every animal contains, creatures all great and small. and these essential salts of an animal may be prepared and preserved, so a special preparations, and incantations you’ve learned, how to call em up from ash and then when you’ve had your fill of ‘em put ‘em down once again. Many a night, jar in my hand, I go out to the swamp lands and call her up and abouts for a nice moonlit waltz, little minuet of our own with my fractured belladonna, my marionette of white bone. So now years have passed, got a little place of my own out there on the bayou and I’m never alone. Got all my friends here, I brought em all down, got rows and rows of jars in a storeroom hereabouts. And every now and again I call someone up, spend some time, when I’m tired of em put em back down. The music and dancing just go on and on. Man’s happiest surrounded by all his loved ones. I'm a collector of dolls, ashes, and stone, a mason of fractured marionettes of white bone.
A Melancholy Tale From The Icy Lands Once upon a time there was a little girl and her brother. Their mother had left them years before so they lived with their father. As a young man, their father had beautiful dreams for his life, but as the years passed, their realization grew further and further away. The mother leaving made him sad, the years of fruitless struggle made him frustrated, so he drank to take away the pain. But the drink made him tired and lazy and as the years made him older he couldn’t tell if the failure of his dreams was due to life’s cruelty or his own inadequacies. As his dreams grew more and more distant, he grew more and more angry, and so he took out his anger on the little girl. Her face reminded him of his lost wife and her innocence reminded him of his lost potential, so he would look for excuses to beat her. The little boy would always try to protect her but he was too young and too little and too easily thrown aside, so all he could do was try to comfort his sister. The little girl would lie in her bed at night and call out in her mind for someone to take her far, far away. One night her call was heard by the Ice Queen. From the tundra of The Icy Lands, past the Shadow Mountains, she sent a long, great bridge of ice to the little girl’s window. And so, on that night, the little girl opened her window and beneath the shimmering constellations crossed the bridge to the Icy Lands of the Great North. The little boy saw his sister crossing the bridge of ice and climbed out after her, but the bridge melted behind her and halfway across he fell to the strange countryside below. As the stars began to fade before the approaching dawn, the little girl saw a great castle of ice standing in the wide, desolate tundra and made her descent to the beckoning Ice Queen. ... Here, here where the skies bend Here where the world ends Come and escape the fate you fear Far from the world’s stains Far from the fire’s pain Let ice entice and wipe your tears Here beyond time’s reach Candles of ice gleam Soon they will sooth your frail young years Years that desert you Here time will not hurt you Sheltered away from all life’s... Take my hand and leave the world Worlds that brandish little girls We will feast upon your dreams Life in safe and sleepless peace Where, where is a warm hand Here in the Ice Lands Here we’ll dissolve and dry your tears No one will find you My love with bind you Time will be kind to your sweet years ... The Ice Queen gave the little girl a magnificent room atop her great castle where the little girl could gaze upon the wide tundra surrounding them. Every evening they would feast in the shimmering banquet hall, decorated with ornaments of intricate, glistening crystal, and every night the Ice Queen would gently feed off of the little girl’s dreams, slowly over time devouring them one by one, The little boy, meanwhile, found himself deposited in a strange, humid land, where he stood himself up and began the long, long arduous trek to the Icy Lands of the Great North. ... Run from the mark and the memory Run from the dust and the sand Run from the men with the ropes and the pens who will barter you off if they can Run from the smiles in the alley Hide in the cracks and the crowd Run from the fight with the blades and the knife ‘til you learn how to stand your own ground Run from the men who approach you With promises, presents and praise And women who wrap writhing arms round your back and encase you in thin, silver cages Run from the mouths of the eyeless Who writhe in the piles of red Run from the stalls with the dry, crusted walls where you can barter your body for bread Run from the edge of their reasons The quiet entice of the damned And always you run from the things you have done and the blood that won’t wash from your hands Run from the call of your conscience Run from the ghosts that you bred The sacrificed lives you put down to survive and just hope that redemption’s ahead Run to the girl in the memory You may not remember at all The voice you could hear you forgot through the years and whose face you can now not recall Run from the race that pursues you The miles and trials and tests For when all is said and done, all you know is how to run and just pray that one day you can rest Run from the edge of their reasons The quiet entice of the damned And always you run from the things you have done and the blood that won’t wash from your hands Run from the call of your conscience Run from the ghosts that you bred The sacrificed lives you put down to survive and just hope that redemption’s ahead ... As the years passed, the little girl realized the Ice Queen was slowly devouring her dreams, and so she cried until one of her dreams dripped out of her eye, encased in a tear. As the tear trickled down it froze into a shard of fine crystal. The little girl, knowing her dreams were almost gone, took the shard and for safe keeping threw it out into the icy tundra. One day a gypsy woman passing by the castle found the shard and picked it up to sell at the Apocryphal Bazaar far to the South. Eventually the boy, now a man, reached the Ice Palace. He saw his sister’s silhouette in the window and when the Ice Queen denied him entry, he slew her. He found his burnt out shell of his sister sitting gazing out her window at the tower’s peak, and in a dull, monotone remnant of a voice she told him of what had happened. As so he set off again, leaving his sister in her ice perch, in search of her lost dream. The shadows in the starlight Where lost things go to sleep The memories and intentions The tears you’re too tired to weep Please lead her back from coldness And hold us both from rage Please bring a lost dream back here And any love that might remain The shadows in the starlight The worlds we used to make Of firebirds and dragons Before time made them all fade Please lead me back from nowhere From roads that go askew Into a heart of sunrise To the girl that I once knew The shadows in the starlight Where dreams rest when they’re old The memories of each other Before our hearts turned cold Please lead me through the darkness Please lead me past the shore Through storms that condescend us Please let her smile at me once more The shadows in the starlight That hide the scant remains The broken, scattered pieces When all that you love has changed And when the tale is over Please let us both recall The dream of how we once were And please let us not have changed at all ... Once upon a time there was a dreamless woman sitting high atop a palace of ice, and a man who roamed the Great Northern Lands in search of a crystal shard within which was contained her last, lost dream.


released September 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Paul Shapera Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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