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Featuring Kayleigh McKnight and Jason Broderick


Meanwhile we come back to the fourth and final act
Byron got himself a trophy wife and had
A daughter who he named Priscilla and she came
To age in a city that is now a police state

New Albion today is a harsh and martial place
The riots destroyed buildings, streets and throughways
The City took control through a state of martial law
That remains to this day as troops of armored cops patrol

(We follow a young recruit being accepted into the militarized police service)

And on this day of my enlistment
I shed my skin of will and innocence
I pledge allegiance and devotion
I’ll be the power that you flex

I am your arm of execution
I am the trigger of your gun
I am the binding and the order
My duty to you has begun

Random searches are the law, looking for remaining Dolls
And if found execution is immediate for all
Any token of the dead, whether relative or friend
Is forbid and if found you may or may not be seen again

Jasper’s still around and he’s with Priscilla now
They sit and hide together deep within the family house
The spend their days resigned from the brutal world outside
And play a never ending game of cards to pass to time


from The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera, released May 8, 2012
Featuring Kayleigh McKnight and Jason Broderick



all rights reserved


Paul Shapera New York, New York

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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