Act 2 S4 Edgar Builds a Business

from by Paul Shapera

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Featuring Jason Broderick and Kayleigh McKnight


So Edgar tries the experiments he’s read
Annabella’s formula for bringing back the dead
The experiments of course prove a success
And thus a crazy notion comes into his head

One day you will see
That I can be someone you never thought I’d be
One day you will see
That I can be someone you never thought I’d be

(Edgar goes to the center of town, steps up on a soapbox and proceeds to sell to the crowd.)

My friends step right up, i have brought you a thing,
Why it's a miracle process that you will never believe
Your grandma, your parents, your child i say who
yes whomever you've lost i can bring back to you

You doubt me of course, think i'm out of head
but this week i'll choose 5 folks and bring back their dead
and i'll put them in quality, mechanical dolls
life sized, yes for free and you'll see it's not talk

(The crowd responds enthusiastically to his offer . We then see him some weeks later)

My friends, can you hear me, the crowd's grown so big
and these orders, why i'll tell you i i barely know how to keep
up with, so i must tell you, i'm building a store
where your dead ones can be brought to you folks once more

With all this success i can offer new deals
Their bodies now come in different colors and feels
like mahogany, lilac, and deep oaken red
Seven models to choose from to fit your dear dead

(The crowd continues to go crazy for his business. We see him then sometime later, no longer on the street but in a boardroom)

Gentlemen welcome, will the board please sit down
our profits this quarter are almost beyond count
We're opening new factories, starting new ads
We're making our fortunes, so i've one thing to ask

There's a man they call Sillof and he once stole my girl
I want him destroyed, all he has in this world
His business his home and his carriage all crushed
I want him left penniless, face down in the dust

(Narrator enters and attempts to give Edgar advice which he is oblivious to)

All your intentions take their toll
All you hate enthralls your soul
When you win you sometimes lose
And all you love does not love you

(Somewhere quiet Edgar is once again before his ex-fiancée Fay)

Fay, good to see you. I asked you here so
you could listen to what i want to offer to you
That man who you left me for, you know he's in ruins
a broken down wreck, but Fay my fortune booms

And i have a surprise, your dear long dead dad
i have taken the liberty of bringin him back
he sits now in my parlor, but Fay the only way
you can see him or talk to him is to come back and stay.

(Edgar leaves and Fay remains)


from The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera, released May 8, 2012
Featuring Jason Broderick and Kayleigh McKnight



all rights reserved


Paul Shapera New York, New York

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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