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featuring Kayleigh McKnight


(Narrator takes us around New Albion a generation later.)

And so a generation’s passed Annabel married at last
And she had a son she named Edgar but alas
She died when he was 10 his heart was broken but since then
He’s grown and found his darling Fay with whom he wants to wed

The red haired dwarf he had a son when the son turned 31
He stabbed his father so new mob boss he’d become
As his father slowly died he told his son with tear stained eyes
he was the proudest that he’d ever been in his entire life

A cat burglar’s around who is the toast of the whole town
His is the most daring heists ever to abound
In reality in fact it’s two 18 year old girls and
Their pet albatross Simon and a brilliant mouse named Sam

In the Botanist’s Lodge they’ve bred a plant who can think thoughts
It communicates by opening its petals on and off
But alas one day it went into a deep meditative trance
Searching for enlightenment and has not made a move since then


from The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera, released May 8, 2012
Featuring Kayleigh McKnight



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Paul Shapera New York, New York

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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