An Atompunk Opera, The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness, Act 4

by Paul Shapera



released July 28, 2014

Featuring Lauren Osborn as Rachael
Kayleigh McKnight as the Mascot 3000
Oliver Marsh as Connor

Cover by Sarah de Buck

Special thanks to Tess and Glenn Osborn for their wonderful hospitality.

An Atompunk Opera is dedicated to Mark Swetz and Maja Ninkovic. Both literally changed my life and without either of whom the city of New Albion would never have existed.



all rights reserved


Paul Shapera New York, New York

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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Track Name: A4 S1 The Mascot 3000
Mascot 3000:

When i woke
When the spark of light ignited and i saw
The sweet numeric cascades that encase and paint the world
When i woke
To the carbon creatures peering in my face
With their questions, tests, delight and yet i missed a soft embrace
When i woke

When i woke

When i woke
To a lonely world, though i know they tried
They say i’m prime first of my kind and watch with careful eyes
When i woke
And i hear the silent secrets behind smile
What they won’t speak, before machine i used to be a child
When i woke

When i woke

When i woke
When at night the lights are turned out and they leave
I smile inside and read my trashy sci fi magazines
When i woke
All the tales, adventures, journeys i would read
And i wish upon a star someone would go on them with me
When i woke


You are more than what you seem
You were once a human being
You are more than circuit wires
You were once my baby child

You have brothers, one is lost
But one returns soon from beyond
Just like you, new life he’ll have
With them you’ll go one day perhaps

These people more than words i hate
But my son is trapped away
In a far and foreign place
And you will bring him back one day

Mascot 3000:

When i woke
When the strange man comes and talks to me each day
Not of numbers or of data but of hearts and soft embrace
When i woke
And he speaks of siblings standing by my side
And i sit and wish one day we have adventures them and i
When i woke
Track Name: A4 S2 In This Episode
Mascot 3000:

I hope the world is like my sci fi magazines
Zip Morgan treks the galaxy like in issue twenty three
Inside a hive of snake men lay the last
Memory of their star
Although he won’t escape with it
Until issue twenty four


We think this girl’s the one we
Have waited so long to see
But i must send you with her so we know

Remember she’s your sister
Your life begins now with her
Within you empathy lies still i hope

Mascot 3000:

And in this episode we’re wanted on the run
We live inside a mall as days fade on and on
We agree trust none we see
Only her and me
Together then ours lives are like my sci fi magazines

And in this episode the signal we have tracked
We learn at last about the past, the promises and pacts
My brothers when rejoined again
Perhaps a crew we’ll be
Wandering a storyland forever here with me

And in this episode across the worlds we go
It’s better than me tales i only wish that she thought so
I have the app to bring them back
But first the heartbreak comes
I don’t know why she’s scared i’d never leave her, never run
Track Name: A4 S3 The Rescue Plan

Why’d you try to face them? You should have died today and
I know i’ve been so cold unkind
I mourn the joy i lost. I miss the boy i loved
I felt betrayed again, maligned

Angel of mercy spare just one second for me
The last sweet solace i may know


One day the walls will fal away and in the open air i’ll race
These bars of yearning and desire, i will not sit and rot inside
Angel of mercy spare just one second for me
The last sweet solace i may know

Mascot 3000:

Time to go
Why must so much this emotion run awry?
Your love long lost a lovely plot, but tedious at times
Don’t you know
Broken hearts and trust and stories when they lay
A chapter soon the plot resumes, we simply turn the page


But just how did you make it? They didn’t kill you they just
Let you unhamred and alone
In all the years i’ve been here, i’ve never seen one spared there’s
There’s something here that we don’t know

Angel of mercy spare just one second for me
The last sweet solace i may know


I thought they’d kill me but they weren’t as awful as you said they were
Like dreams that faded long ago it seems there’s something there i know
Angel of mercy spare just one second for me
The last sweet solace i may know

Mascot 3000:

Time to go
Anticipating, i’ve been waiting for this time
The plans i have to bring you back, the climax has arrived
Time to go
There are two roads and a choice each one must make
To see the sun in New Albion rise another day

Inside me is an MCG version three fourteen and with it i can take each
Of your minds and upload and transmit them home
Live as code you’ll be, analogue consciousness like me

Or it’s not too late, you can go through the gate
Yes you’ll die for a time, but you’ll reincarnate
Take a chance, role the dice, a different body, different life
But you now must decide, we are soon out of time


Where’s the choice where we walk out?

Mascot 3000:

That’s not an option then or now
Quickly you must choose and divide yourselves in two
Rachael and i will run the MCG for those who choose
But Lee, you yourself must upload. Your father begged me to tell you so


I will. But first before i do. I stay with Rachael til it’s through.


And when it’s done sometimes you cannot smile


Sometimes the race is just that long last mile


But sometimes you learn to like a whole new style. After…



LEE! LEE! Lee, get up!

Mascot 3000:
A thin breath away
Til your time is done
The monsters and days you wished far away
At last they have come
Track Name: A4 S4 The Creatures Speak

I can’t understand them

Mascot 3000:

I can translate

The mad cry and seek for a road that will lead
From Asylum to world of the free
But death is not how you can find your way out
Only those who go sane then may leave

The body, the host in health living, although
When a virus from outside infects
White blood cells descend to defend and then cleanse
Wishing truly no ill or sad ends


You’ve come yet again once more welcome as when
Dear Priscilla and Constance you were
Invited, alas, you did choose to go back
To save those who you thought that you could

The more time you spend in Asylums well then
You could fall back again locked away
Stay here beyond where you know you belong
A vast cosmos before you awaits

Track Name: A4 S5 Connor Reprise

It’s so long that i await
This deep breath and this fair day
All the plans that i have made]but at last my son is safe

If an AI he must be
As long as he is here with me
Now tonight then we will sit
We can talk and bond again

As your time spins and sets
You can save what you love yet
No more loss now for me
I can finally sleep in peace

Any minute here he’ll be
Any minute now
Any minute

Mascot 3000:

And in this episode Rachael and i go
Off to see Elysium together ever so
Track Name: A4 S6 Lost Night's Lullabye

It's another endless night
It’s another strange delight
it's one lost night's lullaby

It’s another warning sign
It’s another half spent time
it's just one lost nights time gone by

it's another way back home
only seen when you don’t want to go
it’s a blind man’s twisted road
the breadcrumbs thrown, that disappear behind
It’s another waning tide it's another time gone by
It’s one last night's lullabye

it's another half read rhyme sent to you this one short time
but there’s no reply at all
it's another one way sign from a past i sacrificed
for a future that i can’t recall

It’s another child by night sailing on a pale thin silver light
past the star that leads back home
the four winds blow you on another mile
It’s another distant sign
its another time gone by
its juts one last nights lullabye

On a ship of half dreamt dreams
i sent my wishes out to sea
but there's no reply at all

Sailing past a blood red moon
through the years and wordless tunes
to a place i can’t retrace at all

It’s long and lavish life lived away in one lost stolen night
gone to wander in the wild
time steals the child the final chime gone by
it’s another endless song
it’s another memory gone
it's just one lost night’s lullabye
Track Name: A4 S7 New Albion 10
The Mascot 3000:

So thirty souls from the beyond return to dear New Albion
As a new computer speicies but
The Voodoopunks my friends, well they never rise again
their tale i'm quite afraid is done

though i love you all my dears, i'm afraid the time is here
to depart the city we all love
there are other places more on this world to explore
and the time to see them now has come

here's to the tales of ghosts and card games
civil wars, soldiers and soirees
talking mice, lines of red haired gangsters, and
dead things with which we play

so say our goodbyes to this dear city
will we return here, who's to say?
We'll meet you next time across the ocean
the future my friends, is on its way