An Atompunk Opera, The New Albion Guide To Analogue Consciousness, Act 1

by Paul Shapera

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hikaruonline Atompunk is hauntingly beautiful. From dark melodies to light harmonies, Lauren and the rest of the cast perform this musical to perfection Favorite track: A1 S3 Rachael.
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Metroid The first chapter of an audio narrative that grabs you from the very beginning with its dystopian, atompunk world. If you find this enthralling, do not hesitate to get the complete collection. Favorite track: A1 S1 Overture.
Emily Howling
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Emily Howling Oh my goodness I am so excited! I can't wait for the next act. Definitely living up to high expectations so far after the first two musicals. I've been following every post of it's progress with anticipation and am so pleased it's finally arriving! So emotional! Good luck to DofNA in Edinburgh as well! Favorite track: A1 S3 Rachael.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Avec ce premier acte, Paul Shapera initie une tétralogie pour le moins ambitieuse... et ça démarre plutôt bien, même si au niveau des arrangements (et des compos) le côté rétro cher au steampunk n'est pas très présent. Favorite track: A1 S5 The Shopogopolis.


released July 7, 2014

Featuring Lauren Osborn as Rachael and Adrian
Kayleigh McKnight as the Mascot 3000
Oliver Marsh as Connor

Acoustic guitar by Matthew Broyles

Cover by Sarah de Buck

Special thanks to Tess and Glenn Osborn for their wonderful hospitality.

An Atompunk Opera is dedicated to Mark Swetz and Maja Ninkovic. Both literally changed my life and without either of whom the city of New Albion would never have existed.



all rights reserved


Paul Shapera New York, New York

These days the teddy bear picnic is a rather somber affair. They mostly just sit together in silence. The beings who had taken these guises had over time lost all recollection of their origins, purpose, or selves. They only know they are someplace foreign, cut off from whatever homeland they once had, utterly alone in an incomprehensible world. Some picnics they listen to Paul Shapera. ... more

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Track Name: A1 S2 New Albion 9
Mascot 3000:

There’s a city it is said that borders with the land of dead
And since you’re here again, you best just stay
New Albion’s its name, a sleek and large and lonely place
And a tale of it we tell today

Two decades now it’s been since a voodoo religion
Spread like flames and disappeared like smoke
Only a generation hence, oh the tech boom was intense
But these days Arcadia Corp is closed

Here’s to the days of bliss and wishes
Here’s to the wild seeds once sown
Here’s to the cults and waltz and whipsers
Before they just us all alone
Left us hangin on our own

Housing projects lay half bare
Bathed in lonely, neon glare
Chorales of cockroaches sing hymns all through

There’s an oracle now who the middle classes all flock too
Though it’s a radiated pile of ooze

There’s a super hero though he’s just a hologram you know
Three college students they project each night
The monorail line A has a ghost at night they say
A pop star who has yet to break or die

Here’s to the days that blazed so vivid
When voodoopunks sang upon the street
Here’s to the diodes and transistors
That promised the future they would bring
But it’s not all like it seems

A taxi driver you may know you think a robot but not so
A mouse named Kevin lives inside his skull
He’s the one who drives the cab, tells bad jokes and who cops ask
For advice on crimes to tough to solve
An albino red haired girl, well she runs the underworld
Controls a sandy drug i know you know
It’s a generation hence from oh so interesting events
But these days Arcadia Corp is closed

Here’s to the days of songs and stories
there’s one more i’d like you all to hear
It all begins now with our dear Rachael,
been in the Asylum two long years
She had some fine days of bliss and wishes,
but just the city’s they have flown
Please join me to lend her and attend her,
she’s been too long in there on her own
And that’s longer than you know
Track Name: A1 S3 Rachael

One day the walls will fall away
and in the open air i'll race
your rooms, your pills, your white restraints
you will choke on them i pray

the smug scratch of your pen
your sticky fingers in my head
and ask how did i lose my grasp on the truth
was it abuse or booze that brought me to
where girls are kept under careful lock
be good or get the shock

One day the walls will fall away
A swallowed key will buy my way
From stern and sighing white frocked men
Who tell me “stop this sad pretense.
Miss Idle’s Home for Orphaned Girls gave you a leg up in this world,
But now you just stain the good Alderman’s name
Girls who lie will find they get put away
And kept under careful lock
Be good or get the shock”

And all my life the radio
Told me how it loved me so
All for me a yearning song, a long last love where i belong
She’s mad they say. Lock her deep away.

I caught his eye the day he came
With his Save Orphans Now campaign
At fifteen i, his special girl, he showed me a new, exciting world
With sweet precision how he swept me off my feet and into bed
A rapturous dream it certainly seemed, i was too young to know, to see

Until the day my cycle was late
“You will rid yourself of this” he came to say
And when i refused they came and accused
And swore and said there’s something wrong with my head
And then they locked me away, drugged me up and ripped my child away
And if i ever dare to say his name

All will be taken from you
Ah, and all you love will go to

And all my life the radio
Told me how it loved me so
All for me a yearning song, a long last love where i belong

One day the walls will fall away
And in the open air i race
Track Name: A1 S4 Introducing The Mascot 3000
Mascot 3000:

Rachael flees the mad house
runs into the evening breeze
she doesn't know it now
but she is heading straight for me

beyond the gates, an old man waits
as if he knew she'd come
he holds me in his hands
tells her to take me and to run


I'm sorry for your sorrows
you think that we don't know you
but oh my dear i've watched you for so long

Arcadia Corp is closed down
but some parts they are still round
and they want you to have this to call on

This tablet can be your guide
the very first true AI
the Mascot type 3000 and it's yours

Perhaps i'll see you once more
the hope of my heart you are
good luck, i hope it's you we've waited for

Mascot 3000:

Rachael flees the madman
but with me in her arms
scared and lost, together
we begin life on the run

information and advice
i give her as we go
i'm just so glad to be with her
in a tale all of our own

Together then a few days hence
we find a place to hide
Inside the Shopogopolis
where we sit tight and reside
Track Name: A1 S5 The Shopogopolis

Day by day by day by day
Day by day by day by day
Deep inside we hide away
As day fades into day by day

Mascot 3000:

Day by day by day by day
At so together here we stay
Day by day by day by day
You and i, we will find our way
Deep inside we hide away
Here in this world, our special place
As day fades into day by day by day by day


Come round the bright recursion, come drive the Echer wheel
The crowds and children chatter and only credit runs wild round through here
The clerks sigh, smile sometimes rent dressings rooms to sleep or mate
Different stores immersed in style wars inspire different gangs armed with cans of paint

Come where the chaos into soft, round middle age just fades
And hide, hide away. And hide, hide away

Fool round the food court, smirking adolescents flirt and blush
And every day i eat their endless deep fried half unfinished lunch
Meander round the moebius which marks your march from crib to grave
With sales and special sweetners that you’ll love to need and need to crave

Come where the wild uncertain in the end is drugged and tamed
And hide, hide away. And hide, hide away

(hears staticy radio song)


Day by day by day by day
And still i hear that song that plays
Day by day by day by day
The one that’s all in my head they say
Deep inside we hide away
And so my mind will slip away
As day fades into day by day

Mascot 3000:

Day by day by day by day
Day by day by day by day
Deep inside we hide away
As day fades into day by day by day by day


Come where the muzak chants incantations to raise your credit score
In here i rest and dress and hide, hook up with clerks when i get bored
Come where your race retires at end of evolution’s day
The zenith of domestication will make you stick steak knives in your brain

Come where the wild at last is exorcised away
And hide, hide away. And hide, hide away

Radio Song:

You’re all i want and you’re all i need
You’re all i hope and you’re all i dream
And i love you, love you, so far gone

I wish a wish of a wish you dreamed
Of a far away where we both can be
And i love you, love you, so far gone

I’d cross the world, i’d climb the sawed off ends of time
Id fall and crawl and die to have you by my side
We’d build a paradise, a world where heaven lies
Come with me my sweet delight, oh girl i’ll take you there tonight
Track Name: A1 S6 What The Trite And Banal Say

Someday soon i'll crumble
someday soon i'll fall
my sanity i see
now will not hold for very long

i hear the song of madness
playing in my head
and someday they will come
and they will drag me back again

Mascot 3000:

Someday all your burdens
you'll set down for a rest
and sit with me in comfort
perhaps in happiness

Til then just know the signal
that hear is real and true
a frequency that few could
someone's broadcasting for you
someone's broadcasting for you


Someday love could find a way
Is it foolish for to pray
that what the trite and banal say
love will find you too one day

Someday when the sorrow fades
past the heavy, weeping weight
there will finally be a day
all your burdens fall away

and someday past the days of dread
past the scars and tethered threads
you will rise up on that day
someday love will find a way

Someday love...

Mascot 3000:

A thin breath away
the smoke drifts on up
with all that you hold
and all that you're told
and all that you love

The signal is not far
we could find it if we go
and old abandoned factory
Arcadia Corp once owned

If you want then we could go now
together you and i
away in just a thin breath
and leave this world behind


Someday love will find a way
past the heavy, weeping weight
there will finally be a day
when all your burdens fall a way

Someday past the paths you've strayed
the betrayals and dismay
past the long and jaded way
we will rise up on that day

and someday love will a way
all who fall will rise again
all the broken will be saved
Someday love will find a way

Someday love...

One day one call will find us all

Mascot 3000:

A thin breath away
and all that you knew
for granted or learned
will suddenly turn
and never was true


I see that you have found me
that means then that you must be
hearing the song only one could, so

after all these years then
your lover's song has worked and
there is much my dear that you must know

Machines not touched for years now
must be started and while
that is done that console over there

Just plug your Mascot in and
it will play events that
though long ago it's vital that you hear